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How can I support my child with design and technology?

To support design and technology at home, you don’t need fancy design and technology materials. Just provide access to as many different opportunities to research, investigate, design, make and evaluate! Design and technology doesn’t always have to be ‘making’. It is important that children investigate and reflect! It may be that they observe you using tools, cooking or even patching up clothes!

When using tools and equipment, it is important that children are supervised and know how to use them safely and correctly, for example; holding scissors correctly and carrying them safely when moving around. Allowing children to have time to make mistakes and face challenges is crucial – the best way for them to learn is to reflect and evaluate! It’s also important to let them go off on tangents – if something captures their imagination and they follow their own path, then celebrate that.

Perhaps you are reading a story, could you encourage your child to design something relevant to this? A rocket for example! Encourage them to think about the designing steps, what materials they would need and what tools they would need!