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Lego Therapy

Lego Therapy- "Brick by Brick"

Our Lego Therapy sessions are delivered in school at lunchtimes to support children with managing their emotions. They are run at lunchtimes in our wonderful Rainbow Room, a comfortable environment away from the classroom.

The benefits of building with lego are

  • 1 – Fine motor skill development: Connecting pieces of Lego requires precision and coordination, which assists children to develop and strengthen their fine motor skills
  • 2 – Teamwork & communication: Talking about their building process and strengthening vocabulary
  • 3 – Resilience & perseverance: Overcoming frustrations when things don't go to exactly as planned
  • 4 – Problem-solving: Finding new ways to tackle challenges and developing strategies for when things get tricky
  • 5 – Creative thinking: designing and building things using their imagination

The staff working with the children give them the opportunity to develop these skills whilst also providing a safe, supportive environment to talk and discuss their emotions.