All admission arrangements for Reception and Mid-Year admissions are controlled by Walsall Council Children’s Services Admissions Team who adopt Walsall’s admission criteria. The present criteria for admission to the school are as follows:

1. Children in public care and previously looked after children.
2. Having a brother or sister already in attendance at the school or paired junior school.
3. Relevant medical or social factors, as confirmed in writing by a medical practitioner or social worker.
4. Proximity of home address to the school as the crow flies.

You can find more information by clicking the link below or contacting the Admissions Team directly on 01922 652585.

Open days are arranged throughout the year but you are always welcome to contact the Headteacher to make arrangements to visit the school. All children eliglible for Reception classes are admitted in the September of the school year in which have their 5th Birthday.



Admission to Sunshine Nursery is from a child’s 3rd birthday and priority is given by date of birth. A waiting list is held by the school.

Main Contacts

Headteacher: Miss S Corkindale

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. N Broadway

School Tel: 01922 710174



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Sunshine Infant and Nursery School

Blakenall Lane





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